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Our ambition

The most productive square kilometer in high tech and life sciences

OMC as a Community

The Open Manufacturing Campus aims to be not only a physical place where innovative manufacturing companies can establish themselves, but also a virtual Open Manufacturing Community that reaches far beyond the boundaries of the physical campus.

Your company can become part of the Open Manufacturing Community and benefit from all sorts of activities and advantages:

  1. A multitude of networking moments around manufacturing in the broader sense via frequent symposia and workshops
  2. Access to a wide range of measuring devices and test equipment
  3. Access to engineering and production consultancy resources
  4. Participation in the development of new production concepts and the valorisation of those concepts
  5. Joint establishment of new strategic manufacturing clusters

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The combination of Community and Campus will ensure that the open innovation effects have a much broader reach while maintaining the focus on the most productive square kilometer.


Your company’s focus is production and you are convinced of the importance of innovation? Then you should certainly get to know the Open Manufacturing Campus (OMC). The campus in Turnhout offers all the resources you need to set up and run your production environment as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Flemish ‘Factory of the Future’

OMC will help to shape and build up the industry of the future in Flanders. Our campus will become the hotspot for open innovation in the field of high tech and life science manufacturing. Many relevant players from Belgium and abroad support us in this ambitious goal. Our ambition is that force we create new value together with our partners. Our years of expertise in high tech volume production is in that respect of great essence!

You too can be a part of this exciting initiative!
Discover the advantages of a company site on the campus.

Excellent location

You will find OMC on the Philips site in Turnhout. Our campus covers 18.5 hectares, of which 85,000m2 of industrial space. If you join us you will be operating from one of Europe’s leading R&D regions. After all, the triangle between Eindhoven, Leuven and Aachen (ELAt) has an extremely strong position in Europe in nanoelectronics and life sciences.


OMC is aimed at production oriented companies active in the high tech, life sciences and medical technology sector. OMC is the partner of choice for early technology adopters, spin-offs of companies or universities and companies that need flexible production expansion capabilities on their path to growth and open innovation.

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Your production oriented company wants to achieve substantial growth within an open collaboration model? Then you should certainly consider a site on our Open Manufacturing Campus (OMC) in Turnhout.


  • Production and lab space
    • From 100 m2 to 3,000 m2 in 1 hall, 6 m high
    • Perfectly scalable with moveable walls on a 5x5 m grid
    • Floor load from 1,500 to 7,000 kg/m2
    • Docking station for cargo on shared transport aisles
  • High capacity electrical connections
  • Shared workplaces with CNC, measuring devices and testing equipment
  • Industrial gasses (O2, H2, Ar, N2, gas mixtures, compressed air and vacuum)
  • Air-conditioned office space
  • Central reception and meeting rooms
  • Restaurants for your own personnel and guests
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Parking spaces for personnel and guests
  • Access control, fire alarm, safety

Optional areas

  • Several production zones
  • Changing room
  • Telephone answering service
  • Medical services on site

In short, at OMC you have all the necessary resources within easy reach!

Contact us for more information, with no obligation.


OMC offers a very wide range of services: from on-site engineering and workshops to a broad range of industrial gasses, security and health services, and from technical project management to logistics and administrative support.

Our basic package

OMC offers every occupant a basic package of services. It includes, amongst other things, access control, management of waste disposal, energy and lighting, fire safety and general campus maintenance. In short, all the services needed for OMC to be and remain a safe, well-functioning campus.

Optional services

So that you can concentrate optimally on your core activities, you can use our optional services. These include, amongst others:

  • Organisation of goods transport
  • Laboratory services (physics, chemistry and materials)
  • Maintenance of the infrastructure and the production equipment
  • Support services relating to subsidies and environmental permits
  • HR services for recruitment and/or improvement of the language skills


You will find OMC on the Philips site in Turnhout. Our campus covers 18.5 hectares, of which 85,000 m2 of industrial space. If you join us you will be operating from one of Europe’s leading R&D regions. After all, the triangle between Eindhoven, Leuven and Aachen (ELAt) has an extremely strong position in Europe in nanoelectronics and life sciences, with the Kempen as the pre-eminent high tech and life sciences manufacturing region

The interregional cluster is a powerhouse of companies, universities and research institutes that focus on micro & nanoelectronics, signal processing, integrated electronic systems, mechatronics, medical technology and engineering.

OMC is 500 metres from the Turnhout-West exit on the E34 motorway, halfway between Antwerp and Eindhoven, and can be reached on foot, by bicycle, bus or taxi from Turnhout railway station (2.5 km), which has direct train links to the centre of Brussels, Brussels Airport, Mechelen and Antwerp.

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Test equipment

At OMC you can use the most Advanced Test Equipment: from drop tests to SEM and 3D X-Ray equipment. But we can also develop customized production equipment to suit your production processes: from fast precision welding machines and micro-measuring devices to high-speed vision systems. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

An extensive range of measuring devices and test equipment is available on our campus, such as:

  • Scanning Electron Microscope with EDX
  • Nikon Metris X-Ray
  • 3D measuring devices
  • Fast hyperspectral cameras
  • Environmental test cabinets, ovens, etc

A complete overview of the test equipment is included in the Advanced Testing Equipment brochure.

Knowledge and experience

You will benefit from our wide-ranging expertise in high tech production and development. The presence of like-minded high tech and life sciences production companies offers a whole lot of advantages for synergy and open innovation.

On the campus you will always have access to our expertise in terms of starting up and running an efficient production environment – that’s an important advantage! 

OMC not only provides a production place, it also puts the necessary knowledge and resources at your disposal for the development and building of specialized tools. Qualified staff are needed for that too!

From micro welding to gastight glass-metal compounds

As a partner you can use OMC’s unique competencies. Our knowledge reaches far and wide: laser micro welding, the production of high-precision quartz and ceramic components, high-temperature glass-metal compounds, manipulation of small components, quality control, design for production and industrial architecture, training and the implementation of ‘lean’ principles. Our expertise is there for you!

Philips’ know-how:

The site in Turnhout has been developed by Philips over the past 55 years. You will find industrialization, automation and production as well as R&D knowhow.

  • Philips is a world player in its sector. The lights produced in Turnhout provide shop, street and city lighting worldwide. They are used in beamers, in sports stadiums and for major entertainment events. 8 out of the 12 soccer stadiums in Brazil are lit with lights from Turnhout.
  • Philips fulfils its role as an innovator. Philips Turnhout produces gas discharge lamps. This is done with state-of-the-art materials, components, semi-manufactured products and cost-efficient production technologies (on the basis of the largest number of lasers installed in production).

Via OMC, Philips puts its available know-how at the service of other industries. A unique opportunity that you shouldn’t miss and that reduces the time-to-market for your company!

OMC wants to become the most productive square kilometer in high tech and life sciences. Your company can be part of it!

Contact us for more information, with no obligation.

You will have easy access to the worldwide Philips Innovation Services network via their local branch at OMC.


OMC offers the highly-qualified, specialized manpower you need. Engineers, for example, competent production operators and managers in every discipline to guide your company through the ramp-up phase.

At OMC you can benefit from a wide range of services that will suit your company perfectly. Besides a fully equipped high-technology production environment, we put know-how, expertise and specialised staff at your service. Along with other like-minded companies you will enjoy an extremely favourable climate in which the main focus is on open innovation and production optimization

OMC will be there to help you throughout the process: from product idea, through product development, process development, production build-up, automation & quality systems, to optimization for lean production.

You’ll be able to use the available resources: infrastructure and work space, test equipment etc., as well as technical staff, engineers and various competencies in the industrialization and automation sphere. High quality is always guaranteed.

You’ll have easy access to the worldwide Philips Innovation Services network via their local branch at OMC.

You can call on our ‘soft skills’, too, such as self-steering team techniques, talent management and internal communication.

OMC is currently developing an innovative concept with Philips and Randstad Professionals to make our people flexibly deployable within the “Bridge project”, which is currently in its pilot phase. Thanks to our collaboration with the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) and Thomas More we can build on their knowledge and people too.

OMC attracts international companies in Turnhout

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Symposium manufacturing & opening production areas new OMC partners





Welcome WaterstofNet at OMC!

This week WaterstofNet already moved to our renewed premises (which will be officially opened at March 20th by Minister Muyters)!

WaterstofNet realizes sustainable hydrogen projects in the region Flanders-South Netherlands together with a large network of manufacturing companies and knowledge institutions.

This way manufacturing companies like e.g. Hydrogenics and VDL group become part of the Open Manufacturing Community but also knowledge institutions like Imec, Thomas More and ECN.

By stimulating open innovation between these companies and combining this with the available manufacturing expertise at OMC, we expect to realize shortly new production-rampups together.

To that Adwin and Marc already raise the glass!

OMC foundation stone laying ceremony on May 15 by Flemish
Prime Minister Kris Peeters

On Thursday May 15 more than 100 invitees visited the Open Manufacturing Campus at the occasion of the foundation stone laying ceremony of the renovation works of the 2 OMC halls, offering more than ten thousand square meters of space. These will be available for new OMC partner companies later this year. For this purpose the offices and production space will be first renovated and the latter will be dividable on a 5x5 m2 grid flexibly such that companies can start-up optimally here, but can also further grow easily within these halls. The enthusiastic team consisting of Marc Corthout (OMC), Kris Vreys (IOK), Inge Bruynooghe (Philips), Hans Nicasy (Peira), Johan Verbruggen (SPK) en Inge Rijcken (Randstad) explained to our guests the OMC project and their role in this.

Flemish Prime Minister Kris Peeters laid the virtual foundation stone by signing the memorial board fort his event and addressed the invitees. The OMC project fits within the New Industrial Policy of Flanders and can become the growth pole and meeting place for Factories of the Future, such that new industrial employment can be built up in the wider region.

View the RTV news item at

Symposium Smart Production on May 15

Right after the reception at the occasion of the above event, a Symposium was held with as external top speakers Wilson De Pril (CEO Agoria Vlaanderen) and Koenraad Debackere (Managing Director KU Leuven, leader of Flanders in Action etc.). Wilson stressed the importance of smart production and the new Strategic Research Center (SOC) on Manufacturing, while Koen showed the need for smart specialisation, from theorie to many practical examples. Inge Bruynooghe (Plantmanager Turnhout) and Marc Corthout (OMC Director) took these items into the local context with smart production equipment supplemented with smart employees that Inge gave the floor via short video testimonials. Marc explained the ambition level of OMC as Campus and Community: being the most productive square high tech en life sciences and how the ingredients but also the recipes are ready to kick off OMC.

In an animated panel discussion the speakers were joined by representatives of Janssen Pharmaceutics (Tom Aelbrecht) and start-up DoseVue (Emiliano D’Agostino). The complementarity of the new SOC, the Made Different programme, OMC and the recently announced Janssen Innovation Labs were discussed and how this can create the optimal ecosystem also for start-ups.

In the coming days the full presentations will be made available through our Knowledge Centre page. Stay tuned!


Testimonial of Hans Nicasy (CEO Peira)








Event: Manufacturing industry meets Industry 4.0

SAVE THE DATE - 09.10.2018 - 16.00h to 19.00h

The Open Manufacturing Campus provides shape and content to the industry of the future in Flanders. During the event 'Manufacturing industry meets Industry 4.0' she introduces SME's from the broad region to the understanding of Industry 4.0 and concepts surrounding it. Because how do you, as a small or medium-sized manufacturing company, deal with the daily challenges and the associated opportunities in a dynamic and worldwide production network?

Together with Agoria, Sirris en Flanders Make, the Open Manufacturing Campus offers both a comprehensible theoretical framework and realistic workfloor scenarios. In short, an ideal basis to make your SME futureproof.

What can you expect?

  • Agoria and Sirris will explain the new Made Different approach: skills and methods to actually implement innovations
  • Discover the possibilities of flexible assembly and people-oriented production in the renewed mobile Make Lab
  • The inspiring story of Luxexcel: a real Industry 4.0 SME with worldwide ambitions!
  • Borit leads the way as a brand new Factory of the Future
  • A look behind the scenes of the Open Manufacturing Campus Turnhout: a hotspot for open innovation in a production environment 
  • And more to come...!



  • Date: 
    Tuesday 9th of October 2018

  • Start:
    end provided around 19.00h

  • Location: 
    OMC Slachthuisstraat 96
    2300 Turnhout


In association with:


Here you will find the presentations of the Symposia

about the 7 transformations towards the Factory of the Future


  Symposium 7 about Smart Production

  Factories of the Future - SOC Slimme Maakindustrie (Wilson De Pril, Agoria) 

  Smart production in practice (Inge Bruynooghe, Philips)

  Smart specialization – smart clusters – smart production (Koen Debackere, KU Leuven)

  Smart production through smart and open innovation (Marc Corthout, OMC)

  Symposium 6 about Ecoproduction

Ecoproduction is this new? (Rik Ampe, VITO)

Reflections after iMade (Andries Reymer, TP Vision)

Power-to-Gas (Herman De Bie, Hydrogenics)

Energy efficiency and savings in buildings (Griet Janssen, Thomas More)

New lighting concepts (Geert Verachtert, Philips)

  Symposium 5 about the Netwerkted Factory

The networked factory (Professor Matthyssens, Antwerp Management School)

Towards integrated supply network (John Blankendaal, Brainport Industries)

Creating value by materializing service support (Harry Christiaens, Pharmavize) 

Product-Service Systems (Joris Van Ostaeyen, KU Leuven)

Logistics integration internal and external to  Philips (Pascal Indekeu, Philips)

  Symposium 4 about Human-Centered Production

Human-Centered Production (Seth Maenen, Flanders Synergy)

Let's Go Gemba (Jan Angemon, Barco)

Innovation? Not my job (Koen Camerlynck, Camerlynck Tandtechnisch Labo)

The KRACHT project (Raf Sempels, Viisiteam)

Continuous improvement with self-steering teams (Jan Verwerft, Philips)

  Symposium 3 about The Digital Factory

The Digital Factory (Wilfried Verachtert, IMEC)  

The digital pharma facatory (Eric Snoeckx, Janssen Pharmaceutica)

A new digital business model (Raf Jans & Wilfried Huber, ASF Plastics)

Production excellence in the digital era (Thomas Dhollander, D square)

Development of HID lamps in a digital factory (Piet Watté, Philips)

  Symposium 2 about Simultaneous Product- and Production-Development

Simultaneous Product- and Production-Development (Pascal Pollet, Sirris) 

Simultaneous product and production development at Philips Turnhout (Hans Van Reusel, PINS, Gert Janssen, HID Devt)

Your partner for industrial sheet metal solutions (Leo Oelbrecht, Borit)

Simultaneous Product- and Production-Development (Koen Beyers, Voxdale/Novosanis) 

Open Production Concept: BioRaf (Johan Verbruggen, SPK/OMC) 

  Symposium 1 about World Class Production

Introduction OMC (Bart Wuyts, voorzitter OMC) 

Set-up of the cycle and brief intro to the first theme (Johan Verbruggen, SPK) 

3D printing (Peter Mercelis, LayerWise) 

World Class Production @ Umicore (Egbert Lox, Umicore)

World Class Production @ Dymotec (Marc Thijs, CEO Dymotec)

World-Class Production @ OMC (Marc Corthout, OMC)

Here you can find our folders


Directions to OMC



Open Manufacturing Campus (OMC)
Slachthuisstraat 96,
2300 Turnhout (Belgium)

Tel.: +32 (0) 468 14 75 60

Marc Corthout, Directeur OMC vzw

Location OMC

Within the Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen high tech triangle (ELAt), halfway between Antwerp and Eindhoven.
500 metres from the Turnhout-West exit on the E34 motorway.
GPS: Slachthuisstraat 25, 2300 Turnhout (= far side)

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