Here you will find the presentations of the Symposia

about the 7 transformations towards the Factory of the Future


  Symposium 7 about Smart Production

  Factories of the Future - SOC Slimme Maakindustrie (Wilson De Pril, Agoria) 

  Smart production in practice (Inge Bruynooghe, Philips)

  Smart specialization – smart clusters – smart production (Koen Debackere, KU Leuven)

  Smart production through smart and open innovation (Marc Corthout, OMC)

  Symposium 6 about Ecoproduction

Ecoproduction is this new? (Rik Ampe, VITO)

Reflections after iMade (Andries Reymer, TP Vision)

Power-to-Gas (Herman De Bie, Hydrogenics)

Energy efficiency and savings in buildings (Griet Janssen, Thomas More)

New lighting concepts (Geert Verachtert, Philips)

  Symposium 5 about the Netwerkted Factory

The networked factory (Professor Matthyssens, Antwerp Management School)

Towards integrated supply network (John Blankendaal, Brainport Industries)

Creating value by materializing service support (Harry Christiaens, Pharmavize) 

Product-Service Systems (Joris Van Ostaeyen, KU Leuven)

Logistics integration internal and external to  Philips (Pascal Indekeu, Philips)

  Symposium 4 about Human-Centered Production

Human-Centered Production (Seth Maenen, Flanders Synergy)

Let's Go Gemba (Jan Angemon, Barco)

Innovation? Not my job (Koen Camerlynck, Camerlynck Tandtechnisch Labo)

The KRACHT project (Raf Sempels, Viisiteam)

Continuous improvement with self-steering teams (Jan Verwerft, Philips)

  Symposium 3 about The Digital Factory

The Digital Factory (Wilfried Verachtert, IMEC)  

The digital pharma facatory (Eric Snoeckx, Janssen Pharmaceutica)

A new digital business model (Raf Jans & Wilfried Huber, ASF Plastics)

Production excellence in the digital era (Thomas Dhollander, D square)

Development of HID lamps in a digital factory (Piet Watté, Philips)

  Symposium 2 about Simultaneous Product- and Production-Development

Simultaneous Product- and Production-Development (Pascal Pollet, Sirris) 

Simultaneous product and production development at Philips Turnhout (Hans Van Reusel, PINS, Gert Janssen, HID Devt)

Your partner for industrial sheet metal solutions (Leo Oelbrecht, Borit)

Simultaneous Product- and Production-Development (Koen Beyers, Voxdale/Novosanis) 

Open Production Concept: BioRaf (Johan Verbruggen, SPK/OMC) 

  Symposium 1 about World Class Production

Introduction OMC (Bart Wuyts, voorzitter OMC) 

Set-up of the cycle and brief intro to the first theme (Johan Verbruggen, SPK) 

3D printing (Peter Mercelis, LayerWise) 

World Class Production @ Umicore (Egbert Lox, Umicore)

World Class Production @ Dymotec (Marc Thijs, CEO Dymotec)

World-Class Production @ OMC (Marc Corthout, OMC)