You will benefit from our wide-ranging expertise in high tech production and development. The presence of like-minded high tech and life sciences production companies offers a whole lot of advantages for synergy and open innovation.

On the campus you will always have access to our expertise in terms of starting up and running an efficient production environment – that’s an important advantage! 

OMC not only provides a production place, it also puts the necessary knowledge and resources at your disposal for the development and building of specialized tools. Qualified staff are needed for that too!

From micro welding to gastight glass-metal compounds

As a partner you can use OMC’s unique competencies. Our knowledge reaches far and wide: laser micro welding, the production of high-precision quartz and ceramic components, high-temperature glass-metal compounds, manipulation of small components, quality control, design for production and industrial architecture, training and the implementation of ‘lean’ principles. Our expertise is there for you!

Philips’ know-how:

The site in Turnhout has been developed by Philips over the past 60 years. You will find industrialization, automation and production as well as R&D knowhow.

  • Philips is a world player in its sector. The lights produced in Turnhout provide shop, street and city lighting worldwide. They are used in beamers, in sports stadiums and for major entertainment events.
  • Philips fulfils its role as an innovator. Philips Turnhout produces gas discharge lamps. This is done with state-of-the-art materials, components, semi-manufactured products and cost-efficient production technologies (on the basis of the largest number of lasers installed in production).

Via OMC, Philips puts its available know-how at the service of other industries. A unique opportunity that you shouldn’t miss and that reduces the time-to-market for your company!

OMC wants to become the most productive square kilometer in high tech and life sciences. Your company can be part of it!

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