OMC offers the highly-qualified, specialized manpower you need. Engineers, for example, competent production operators and managers in every discipline to guide your company through the ramp-up phase.

At OMC you can benefit from a wide range of services that will suit your company perfectly. Besides a fully equipped high-technology production environment, we put know-how, expertise and specialised staff at your service. Along with other like-minded companies you will enjoy an extremely favourable climate in which the main focus is on open innovation and production optimization

OMC will be there to help you throughout the process: from product idea, through product development, process development, production build-up, automation & quality systems, to optimization for lean production.

You’ll be able to use the available resources: infrastructure and work space, test equipment etc., as well as technical staff, engineers and various competencies in the industrialization and automation sphere. High quality is always guaranteed.

You can call on our ‘soft skills’, too, such as self-steering team techniques, talent management and internal communication.