Symposium Smart Production on May 15

Right after the reception at the occasion of the above event, a Symposium was held with as external top speakers Wilson De Pril (CEO Agoria Vlaanderen) and Koenraad Debackere (Managing Director KU Leuven, leader of Flanders in Action etc.). Wilson stressed the importance of smart production and the new Strategic Research Center (SOC) on Manufacturing, while Koen showed the need for smart specialisation, from theorie to many practical examples. Inge Bruynooghe (Plantmanager Turnhout) and Marc Corthout (OMC Director) took these items into the local context with smart production equipment supplemented with smart employees that Inge gave the floor via short video testimonials. Marc explained the ambition level of OMC as Campus and Community: being the most productive square high tech en life sciences and how the ingredients but also the recipes are ready to kick off OMC.

In an animated panel discussion the speakers were joined by representatives of Janssen Pharmaceutics (Tom Aelbrecht) and start-up DoseVue (Emiliano D’Agostino). The complementarity of the new SOC, the Made Different programme, OMC and the recently announced Janssen Innovation Labs were discussed and how this can create the optimal ecosystem also for start-ups.

In the coming days the full presentations will be made available through our Knowledge Centre page. Stay tuned!