M-Food natural ingredients has a unique collaboration with Protix to produce insects for food applications.

The Member States of the European Union gave a green light to the authorization of crickets and yellow mealworm as a human food as part of the push towards more sustainable farming and diets. The novel food authorizations are important steps to help the growth of this industry and to meet today’s crucial challenges of diminishing resources with a growing population. After the authorization for grasshopper earlier in November, it is the second and third authorization for an application submitted by Fair Insects, a Protix company. Protix is pioneering the insects for feed and food markets through innovative breeding, production and processing technologies and has laid the basis for this new industry to thrive through regulatory changes and commercial introductions.

A license agreement

M-Food natural ingredients has signed a license agreement with Protix to produce insects for food applications.

M-Food natural ingredients is a pioneer in this field and will focus on the production and marketing of high-grade insect-based food ingredients. The insects are processed into frozen and dried formulations that can be used in different foods like cereal bars, meat products, dried pasta etc. M-Food natural ingredients is founded by Ben Mijten who is a pioneer in development of insect feed, professional insect farming and insect processing. Ben Mijten his motto is “Nil volentibus arduum”, we want to change the world of tomorrow, so we act now. We have no time to lose”

High in nutrition, low on impact

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN has identified insects as a highly nutritious and healthy food source with high fat, protein, vitamin, fibre and mineral content. Insects were identified under the EU’s new farm strategy as an alternative protein source that could facilitate the shift towards more sustainable food. The low environmental impact and the high nutritional value of insects gives the opportunity to develop nutritional food products with a low footprint. M-Food natural ingredients is the missing link between the insect farmers and the food industry by processing insects into high quality natural ingredients for food products. Founder Ben Mijten has a strong background in feed production and is, next to founder of M-Food natural ingredients, owner of Mijten Animal Feed, a first-class producer of speciality feed products since 1938.

Media contact

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