Luxexcel wint Prism Award 2022 Augmented and Virtual Reality

January 26th, 2022 – SPIE Photonics West – Luxexcel was selected as the Prism Award 2022 winner in the category Augmented and Virtual Reality. Luxexcel’s complete VisionPlatform 7  solution to create prescription lenses and integrate smart technology like waveguides, was recognized as the solution to solve a key problem in the augmented reality industry:  enabling fashionable smart eyewear with prescription lenses.

The Prism Awards reflect the latest exciting developments, exponential growth, and rich technical innovations across photonics and photonics-enabled industries. For consideration in this year’s awards, SPIE received 120 applications from 18 countries.

Finalists and winners were selected by a panel of international judges who leveraged the knowledge and acumen of leaders from across the technology commercialization and funding sectors. The distinguished judges’ roster included MKS Instruments’ Marc D. Himel, the FDA’s Zane Arp, Femto Blanc’s Uri Abrams, iFocus’ Adi Diner, Berkeley Catalyst Fund’s Laura Smoliar, Engender Technologies’ Cather Simpson, Luminate Accelerator’s Sujatha Ramanujan, Notal Vision’s Nishant Mohan, Teledyne Princeton Instruments’ Jason McClure, and Chromacity’s Shahida Iman.

About Luxexcel

Luxexcel is the world’s only technology provider for 3D printed commercial lenses. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of consumer smart eyewear by meeting the needs of more than 75% of the adult world population requiring prescription lenses. We enable this with our patented 3D printing manufacturing platform. Original equipment and device manufacturers use our platform to design and produce custom, lightweight, smart prescription eyewear on-demand and in a fashionable form factor suitable for the mass market. Luxexcel’s head office is based in The Netherlands, with branch offices in Belgium and the United States.